A Suécia, pela mão de um médico Sueco

Update on the Swedish covid response

Um médico a descrever o que se passa na Suécia, sem rodeios e sem desespero de salvar a cara pelo que andou a vender no passado – como estão desesperados os politicos e jornalixo fora da Suécia, com mentiras.

Não se passa nada de excepcional. Há mais “casos” porque testam 10 vezes mais, ocupação normal do hospitais para esta altura do ano e mortalidade banal igual à média de sempre.

O que se passa na Suécia é pouco mais que politicos a salvar a cara perante os que não concordam com a abordagem e acima de tudo o que “se passa na Suécia” é quase tudo mentiras fora da Suécia e pressão internacional para não servirem de exemplo. Em breve, 3 semans, será cristalino que o país não terá excesso de mortalidade em 2020, que ficará abiaxo dos 100 000 mortos este ano, logo dentro da normalidade. Quando assim acontecer é fundamental para os politicos de todos os outros paises suicidas que os seus eleitores já estejam bem convencidos que a Suécia é um “qualquer desastre” para não perceberem a mentira que vivem.

 I think is clear, the Swedish government has played a much more active role in autumn than it did in spring, when it was happy to let the Public Health Authority do most of the decision making.

The rhetoric from the Swedish government has also been more alarmist the second time around, with the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, delivering speeches that make it sound as if Sweden is going to war, for example telling people on November 16th to “do their duty”.

The Health Minister, Lena Hallengren, said in a speech on November 16th “don’t consider these measures voluntary”, about the voluntary recommendations that the government is asking people to follow. To me, that’s pretty clear evidence that the only reason Sweden hasn’t followed other countries in imposing severe legally enforced restrictions is that the Swedish constitution has prohibited it.

In conclusion, the Swedish government has officially lost its mind. In the name of protecting public health, the government is doing its utmost to destroy public health. In spite of the fact that some of the biggest risk factors for severe covid are obesity and lack of exercise, the government is seriously telling people to stop visiting swimming pools and gyms; in other words, to stop exercising.

Why the change in tone from the Swedish government during November and December?

If one were cynical, one might think it was due to the fact that the governing Social Democrats received a big boost to their opinion ratings in April and May, in the usual “rally around the flag” fashion seen when a nation faces some type of crisis, but since then they have been polling worse month on month. Maybe they saw their polling numbers, panicked, and hoped that they would get a boost in the polls if they could appear more assertive. Or maybe they’ve just capitulated to international pressure to “get in line”.