Número de ciclos PCR associado a mortalidade. Ou as diversas formas de falsos positivos

O número de ciclos PCR está inversamente relacionado com a mortalidade da doença palhaço. Com aumento do número de ciclos necessários para detectar o virus estrela, diminui a mortalidade associada. Ou seja, séculos de conhecimento. Ou seja, falsos positivos que não tem qualquer valor clínico com elevado número de ciclos

We divided the Ct data into three strata, >32, 28-32, and <28, which were operationally defined as not infectious, maybe infectious, and infectious, respectively. Between late March and June, mean daily Ct values rose linearly (R-squared=0.789) so that by early June, as the covid-19 pandemic ebbed in severity, all means reached the noninfectious (Ct >32) range. Most notably, this May-June trend for Cts was accompanied by a marked, steady decline in Rhode Island daily covid-19 mortality. Our results suggest that monitoring, and public reporting of mean population covid-19 test Cts over time is warranted to gauge the vacillations of covid-19 outbreak severity

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